Placement of the support

    1. Place the adhesive on the support without removing the protector
    2. Remove the metal frame of the protective bag
    3. Assemble the metal frame on the support
    4. Position the support next to the metal frame, So that it is ready around the mouth expeller of the weapon
    5. Check the height at which it is necessary to position the support

    It is necessary to take into account the top curvature of the weapon to adjust the Recovein’s hunting pods

    1. Remove the adhesive backing and attach it to the same place
    2. Press and wait a few seconds

    We can always remove the support using the spatula that comes in the kit, without fear that the weapon incurs some loss.

    Assembly of the deposit

    Assemble the protective bag in the metal frame. Introducing the wings of the metal frame and place the velcro beginning with the superior more wide so that everything be as stretching as possible.