Recovain for shotguns with expulsion window to lefts

    Recovain is thought to hitch in all the semi automatics, without depending if the window expulsion is on the left or right because for that a hunting pods model exists which is able to adapt to the semiautomatic shotguns which have the window expulsion on the left and another model to the ones which have it on the right. Recovain’s hunting pods allows that a left-handed person is able to shoot with a semiautomatic with the window expulsion on the right withou any problem because the pods do not disturb when you shoot.

    Differences exist with the assembly of the support and in the use of the hunting pods, as regards that it has the expulsion window to rights

    The support is placed the other way round

    We mount and dismantle the tank of inverse form

    Instead of press with the thumb on the lower side of the tank, presslightly with the thumb backwards so that the tank goes out of the notch of retention of the support