It is a pod hunter that systematically captures pods when fired in semi-automatics, safely and efficiently.

    An ecological product for hunters who respect the environment, which solves in a very simple way the problem of collecting the casings ejected by semi-automatics, saving the user from having to pick them up. Small in size, installation is carried out without the need for any intervention on your weapon, leaving it with its original appearance as adhesives are used to install the product. The bracket that is installed is very easy to remove, just pull it off.

    Convenient: it allows you to safely store the pods that normally fall to the ground, without having to bend down to pick up
    the fired cases.

    Ample storage capacity: it can hold more than 9 cartridges and adapts to any type or variety of cartridge cases on the market.

    Practical: simple to fit and easy to use.

    Effective: The innovative technique used by Recovain will make it easier for you to practice your favourite sport in an agile and effective way.

    The system has several new features compared to other existing collection systems:

    • No interruption to the line of fire
      The pods are stored in the magazine bag, no distractions of any kind as you do not see the pods coming out of the gun.
    • The fixing system is reusable, easy to fit and does not damage the weapon.
      This is a support that is attached to the weapon below the ejector window by means of an adhesive, which is also sold as an accessory, which acts as a suction cup and which we can choose to leave permanently or place on another weapon, without fear of it falling off or damaging the weapon.
    • The magazine hinges to allow the gun to be loaded both from the ejection port and from below.
      With a slight pressure of the thumb, the magazine tilts systematically, allowing us to load and shoot quickly without any hindrance whatsoever.
    • The pods can be removed without difficulty/strong>
      We can remove the scabbard by opening the velcro without removing the magazine from the gun, or we can remove the magazine by pulling it out by the velcro or by tilting the pouch.
    • Easy to put on and take off
      In a matter of seconds we can attach and remove the magazine from the weapon.
    • Ample storage capacity
      Holds a minimum of 9 12 gauge cartridges.
    • Apenas ocupa espacio y no añade peso
      Ergonomic design allows it to be stored in a pocket when not needed.
    • Removable and washable
      We can remove the cloth when it gets dirty and wash it according to the washing instructions.
    • Can be used on shotguns and rifles.
      Designed for semi-automatic shotguns, it has recently been tested on hunting rifles with a successful result.
    • Does not hinder movement in sporting activity

    Ideal for assault hunting, fixed position hunting or water hunting and not to be underestimated for pit shooting, compack or trails, as it avoids the western effects of uncontrolled case ejection caused by the semi-automatics of the neighbouring shooter.